What can IMEX Research provide you?


Market Reports

Published yearly, the market reports take an expert look at trends in the IT industries tracked by IMEX, crystallize the emerging opportunities, the factors fueling their demand and provide forecast by major market segments. The reports examine technology directions, competitive product offerings, company positioning and market shares. Recommendations and guidelines are provided for what clients should do to capitalize on these market opportunities while backing up the recommendations with quantified data and thorough analysis.


Profile reports present objective IMEX's review of a supplier including major product offerings, financials, competitive strengths & weakness and future directions to meet industry challenges. Typically 8-12 pages long, some vendors use it as part of their press kit or marketing collateral for its customers.

Strategic Analysis Reports

The strategic analysis reports focus on market and business dynamics of a hot industry issue. They are the result of an extensive research project focusing on the Product, Market or Technology frame of reference. Generally 8-16 pages long, they examine directions and make predictions about why, when, and how events will happen using extensive data and analysis while providing recommendations for clients.


Retainer Consulting

Monthly report with coverage of specific industry issues tailored to your company's business and competitive needs. Includes industry events, shows, technology, competitive product launches and moves, de-facto standards & association meeting results, performance benchmarks, company affiliations, etc. Please call or email for retainer terms, 1-3 days per week.

Custom Project Consulting

IMEX can significantly augment your product and market development work through establishing customer needs assessments, market studies, competitive evaluations, and required enabling technologies and affiliations for new products. Business plans encompassing market demand and sizing, competition, product positioning, financial and risk assessments for presentation to venture capitalists, investors or board of directors.

Strategic Briefings

On-site by-yearly briefings on state-of-the-industry to kickoff your business planning/budgeting/product road map development cycles. Sessions focus on Industry Events, Emerging Opportunities, Market Developments, Competitive Products and Performance Data, Industry Standards Status and Financials.

Future Offerings

Emerging Technology Perspectives

Assessment of emerging technologies, evaluation of their trade-offs and their displacement impact on existing business. Predictions for eventual success of some technologies over others including rationale, timing and conditional levers.

Industry Financial Analysis

The report assists top management in anticipating business cycles, gain perspective in estimating demand or supply, triangulate with Wall Street data, identify structural challenges and provides a means to compare company results with industry ratios, gross margins, cash, inventories and investments in R&D, SG&A, and PP&E with the industry leaders.

Continuous Information Service

Created to provide clients with consistent delivery of various IMEX publications and services at significant savings. Members subscribe to the service yearly and receive market reports, technology perspectives, profiles, strategic analysis reports, plus industry financials, plus biyearly strategic briefings to kick off your budgeting/1-3-5 year budgeting and strategic planning sessions.

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