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IMEX  Research
1474 Camino Robles San Jose CA 95120
(408) 268-0800
IMEX is a leading high technology market
research and consulting company helping its
clients with strategic vision and marketing
insights into the competitive dynamics of the
computing, networking and communications
marketplace. It assists its clients through
crystallizing emerging opportunities, providing
incisive analysis of profitable market segments,
impact from emerging technologies, competitive
strategies of players and articulating actionable
decisions towards optimal product mix and
market positioning to achieve leading market
share in selected segments.
Your advisors to profitable technology markets
Your business partner
IMEX becomes your extended business
partner by providing IT vendors, system
integrators, end-users and investors
worldwide with emerging opportunities in
computing, networking and End-to-End
Internet infrastructure technologies and
markets. IMEX specializes in state-of-
the-art Servers, Network Storage and
Networking Technology Markets and
High Availability and DataCenter
automation practices.
Strategic Thrust
This includes identifying profitable
market segments, sizing total available
market, evaluating competition, defining
product positioning, formulating product
road maps, identifying necessary capital
investments, and establishing industry
affiliations and optimum go-to-market
channels of distribution.
Unique Competitive Insight
IMEX's approach to consulting is unique
in that its consultants act as your virtual
outsourced senior marketing managers/
executives, thus benefiting you with
access to private valuable insights into
the competitive dynamics of the
dominant players, the pull and push in
the industry - be it in the standards
committees, new product directions,
technology affiliations, pricing and
distribution areas or steamrolling over
the emergent players.
Seasoned Industry
IMEX leverages a broad range of
industry contacts with senior
positions in the industry. They
provide you with an incisive look at
the dynamics of the industry -
emerging technologies, evolution of
new market niches and players, and
strategic moves and directions of
your competition: hot new products
being launched, the industry
alliances being formed, and
standards being proposed, among
other major events that might affect
your business.
Validation of your
IMEX analysts provide you with
market demand forecasts and
worldwide market shares segmented
by product lines and competitive
positioning of players.
Enterprise Vendors,
System Integrators, Wall
Street Investment Co.’s
IMEX’s client base runs the IT gamut
from start-up dot.coms, small and
medium vendors and enterprise
companies to System Integrators,
ISPs, SSPs, ASPs as well as Wall
Street Investment Banking and
Private Equity Capital companies.
The Value of IMEX - Your business partner 
Clients … 
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Areas of
Internet Infrastructure
Web Acceleration and high
availability appliances for internet
traffic management (caching, load
balancing, firewall & security),
emerging applications (CDN) …
Server Blades / Clustering
Clustered Servers for 4-tier
computing architectures – Access,
Web, Application & Database Servers
for high availability & performance.
High Density Blade Servers …
High Availability Computin
Networking& Telecom
Technologies,  Implementation &
Practices to achieve HALevel-5 
(99.999% uptime) in enterprise
data centers … 
Network Storage DAS, NAS,
FC SANs and iSCSI IP SANs and
Serial ATA for next generation
Enterprise Storage. Industry issues
for EU adoptions, Virtualization,
killer apps … 
All IMEX Reports typically contain:
Executive Summary
Market Drivers & Industry
Market Segmentation & Product
Market Forecast & Market Shares
Technologies – Competing Issues,
Emerging Directions & Standards
Competitive Products &
Suppliers - Market Position &
Business Strategy
Marketing Channels: OEMs, xSP, 
SI/Disty, Sales Leads/Contacts
Research Methodologies,
Bibliography & Appendices
For further inquiries, contact:
IMEX Research Corporation
1474 Camino Robles, San Jose Ca.95120
(408) 268-0800
Fax (408) 268-2300
High Availability
-  High Availability Computing & HA Telecom
- IT Outsourcing/ Disaster Recovery 
- Telestorage/Storage Service Providers 
Network Storage
-  NAS and SANs
-  Storage Over IP– iSCSI vs FC in SAN/WAN
-  Disk/Optical/Tape Drives & Stg. Systems
Blade Servers
-  Clustering (Servers, Networks, Databases)
-  Blade Servers
Internet Traffic Mgmt. -  Net Appliances (Caching/LB/Security)
-  IP Convergence/Content Delivery Nets
Coverage – Enterprise & Web Infrastructure
Resource Centers
Industry Reports
Industry Reports
Strategic Consulting