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To order consulting services, please call (408) 268-0800 or print this page and fax to (408) 268-2300 or click here to email us brief outline of your consulting project needs.


Assessment: Market Opportunities, Market Sizing & Forecast by Market/Product Segments
Market Drivers & Industry Dynamics, Market Shares
Competitive Positioning & Analysis, Strategic Planning, Emerging Technologies
Validation of Product Roadmaps with differentiated Features/Benefits, Product Specs
Targeted Marketing: Market Penetration Strategies by Channels of Distribution
Financial Analysis & Sensitivity Assessments
Targeted Go-to Market Promo Programs
Leverage leads database of 50,000, by market segment, by IT users (CIOs, IT, Operations Managers), Service providers, Channel (SI, VARs, VADs, Distributers), Vendors (Servers, Storage, Networking, SW, Web 2.0)


Consultants/Analysts , Bio-Vasudeva


Cloud Computing: Servers, Storage, Networking, Data Management
Big Data: Industry Dynamics, Impact on Database Players Trends, Market Opportunity Sizing
Solid State Storage: Competitive Analysis of Products Devices, Selection for Enterprise Adoption, Implementing Tiered Storage using SSDs
NextGen Data Center Infrastructure: Big Data/Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, High Performance Computing, High Availability, Computing/Telecom Convergence, Web 2.0 Infrastructure, Business Intelligence, Power & Cooling
-Network Storage: SAN/NAS/iSCSI/FC, SAS/SATA/SSD/HDD//Tape
-Data Protection: Data Protection, Backup, Archive & Disaster Recovery, RAID-0,1,5,6,10, Replication (Sync,Async)
-Storage Efficiency: Storage Virtualization, De-duplication, Auto-Tiering, Thin Provisioning, Data Compression & Encryption, Converged Storage/FCoE/CEE, Erasure Coding, Caching
Servers: Blade Servers, Server Virtualization, Power & Cooling, Clustering, Data Management, Fabric Computing, ATCA/SBC for IP Telecom, Channels of Distribution
Networking:Content Aware Switching, VLANs, Secure Networks, WAN Optimization, Data Streaming for Video Networks Cloud Computing/SaaS, Web 2.0 Social Networking Infrastructure, Caching, Load Balancing,
Go-to-Marketing: Industry Infrastructure Ecosystem, Channels of Distribution (Direct, OEM, SI/VARs/ VADs, Disty, Internet) by Vertical Markets, Competitive Pricing Structures & Dependencies, Channel Market Development Programs


Custom Consulting Rates: Fees/Rates dependent on project size and complexity. Typically $7.5K - $12K/week.
Retainer Consulting: Discounted Rates $2K-$4K/month . Call IMEX Research for details


Please contact IMEX to discuss details.

Retainer Consulting Service
Strategic Briefing - One day sessions
Custom Consulting Projects - Depending on complexity & time
Continuous Information Service - (Annual Subscription)

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