Big Data Industry Report 2014

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Executive Summary

Business and IT leaders now face significant opportunities and challenges with big data that is data sets that are so large they are difficult to store, manage and analyze. The report delineates the existing operational challenges businesses face and how enterprise IT leaders can harness the deeper insights provided by Big Data to manage complex operational problems and empowering businesses in knowledgeable decision-making to get the competitive advantage for their companies. It lays out the rapidly evolving big data business and technology ecosystem - different big data technologies from Hadoop and emerging NoSQL derivatives to cloud-based collaboration tools.

Harnessing the Competitive Advantages of Big Data

Although Hadoop initially has been used by large web companies such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook for applications such as search engines, but its potential is much, much more. This report details what Hadoop is (and isnt), brings into focus the key technologies and their interplay, provides a perspectives on different players, whos doing what to productize them and how they fit into the ecosystem. It profiles the growing number of companies from startups like MapR to Cloudera, the present leader in the space leveraging Hadoop plus 52 others both announced and in stealth, to the strategies being adopted by Relational Database/Data Warehousing/ Business Intelligence/Data Integration incumbents like Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Teradata, SAS, Microstrategy etc. to embrace the emerging technologies while new Big Data Infrastructure entrants the likes of EMC, NetApp, Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Adobe and scores of others planning new products to address this space. . It charts out the SWOT analysis of both leaders and new suppliers as well as their competitive positioning and strategies.

The report outlines how the market opportunities in Big Data are crystallizing to pick up serious steam while taking into account the challenges still hindering widespread adoption and where potential users can expect the market to go. It presents a 5 year market forecast 2010-15, market shares of leaders, likely M& A scenarios and examines go-to-market plans of leaders to provide big data solutions for several vertical industries such as financial services, healthcare and media. Finally it provides recommendation for vendors, channel players, end users and investors for timely play to leverage the opportunities presented by the emerging big data markets.

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