Target Markets Identification


Global IT Spending by Vertical Markets - Size & Growth 2005-10






Text Box: Understand Your 
Target Markets

”Emerging high-tech companies, under pressure to quickly generate viable revenues often take a shotgun approach in marketing refusing to focus on one or two key segments and end up as all things to all people, Suddenly, company management is swamped with support problems and with incumbent competitors starting to encroach  from many areas. The cash flow problem takes over resulting in the start-ups demise”



IT Industry Infrastructure – Vendors, Channel & End-Users Ecosystem


Text Box: With IMEX Research’s custom Go-to-Market Reports, companies are able to more effectively target specific distribution channels to help bring their product to the market, while concentrating more on product development and management.

·     Know the scope and size of your market segment by geography – IMEX Research creates annual IT spending forecasts across all of the major industries. You can Identify the total size and scope of the market as well as determine which channels will be ideally suited for your company size, product portfolio, targeted market share goals and your marketing, sales & service plans.

·     Know where the money is – Aside from having valuable Channels of Distribution resources, IMEX has carefully mapped out the money trail showing all the IT Spending for each of the major channels of distribution.

·     Formulate effective Channel and Partnership Programs Besides a good strategy, the real key to a successful penetration of SMB markets is in formulation and execution of effective Channel and Partnership programs.


Targeting Channel Money Flows

 Text Box: With IMEX Research’s custom Go-to-Market Reports, companies are able to more effectively target specific distribution channels to help bring their product to the market, while concentrating more on product development and management.


Market Segments by Applications


Text Box:  Market Directly to your segment
 With IMEX Research’s Go-to-Market services and Sales Leads Database your company can effectively conduct a precision marketing campaign, without breaking the budget.  Aside from vertical markets IMEX has mapped and categorized all the market players horizontally, from Transaction Processing to Streaming Video and other High Performance Computing applications.

Go-To-Marketing Services

IMEX’s Go-To-Marketing Services is supported by a team of industry experts and marketing consultants dedicated to helping you plan and execute go-to-market strategies to quickly reach targeted qualified buyers and influencers,  through pairing with IMEX branded content using:

·      Market Needs Capture & Analysis

o     Market Surveys Formulation & Customer Feedback

§ Identification of customer pain points § Product Metrics Prioritization

·      Competitive Analysis

o     Competitive SWOT Analysis

o     Win/Loss Inflexions

·      Market Demand Generation Tools

o     Lead Generation Database

o     Sponsored White Papers

o     Analyst Speaker – Online

o     Multimedia Marketing Tools – Analyst Video/Webcasts/Brand Positioning

·      Audience Development + Lead Capture

o     Credible High Value Relationship Building via access to IMEX Research TCO Analytics

o     Marketing Messages using Analyst Research Briefs for Differentiated Positioning

o     Executive Briefs/Industry Seminars/Analyst Connection

o     Product Launch/Sales Education/Training Workshop


SMB Market Opportunity

Text Box:  Secure your market share
The SMB Market is exploding, IT Spending for SMB has far outpaced large company spending, and many companies are now shifting their focus to this fast growing segment. With Mid size businesses growing at 9.2% annually and small businesses spending growing at 12%, The potential is massive for the companies who strategically position themselves as market leaders in their respective field.



Channel Marketing Programs


·    Identify Your Optimal Market Channels – IMEX has deep expertise in Go-to-Market programs and creation of an cost-effective channel strategy including execution through leveraging its vast database of OEM’s, Distributors, Value Added Resellers, System Integrators, Service Providers and  End Users. All of IMEX’s market resources are categorized by region, size, type and multiple criteria to enable targeting specific market segments mapped with product characteristics and market messages. IMEX Database of decision makers and influencers consists of”


Target Audience


End Users

o         Global 2000 by Vertical Industry

Distribution Channels

o         OEMs, System Integrators, VARs, Distributors, VAD Retail Chains


o         Legacy & IP Telecom Players


o         Service Providers, Web Hosters

Software Vendors

o         Application SW, System SW/Middleware, Mgmt SW

IT HW Manufacturers

o         Servers, Storage, Networking  (Computing & IP Telecom)

Subsystem Manufacturers

o         Boards/SBCs/Integrated Modules

Component/Semi Manufacturers

o         Std. & Custom Chips/ASICs/Modules…




o         Editors, Industry & Financial Analysts…

Wall Street

o         Investment Bankers, Venture Capitalist …


Target Global 2000 C-level Execs by Vertical Industries

    Reach any part of the globe with IMEX Research’s Sales Leads


IMEX has contacts with C-Level Executives across vertical industries including:

·   Aerospace & Defense

·   Banking

·   Insurance

·   Capital Goods

·   Chemicals

·   Conglomerates

·   Construction

·   Drugs & Biotech

·   Food

·   Healthcare

·   Materials


·   Media

·   Oil & Gas

·   Retailing

·   Semiconductors

·   Software & Services

·   Technology HW

·   & Equipment

·   Telecommunications Services

·   Trading Companies

·   Transportation

·   Utilities




SMB / Mid Market


·     Get the tools for Success in the SMB Market – The SMB market is massive, and IT spending for these companies have caught the interest of many Vendors, who until recently have traditionally targeted large scale enterprises. The IMEX SMB Market Report and Database could be the key to unlocking the massive potential of this market. With it’s Go-to-Market Subscription Services IMEX can also identify the type of technologies SMBs are buying, the pricing structures and dynamics of the SMB market, and what channel programs and terms most SMBs want out of a vendor.


·     Go-to-Market with Confidence– Customizing Go-to-market Report, IMEX can help you with an effective Go-to-Market Strategy based on your product lines and vis-à-vis your competition. You will be able to understand the dynamics of the SMB market, know the factors driving IT spending for SMBs, and gain knowledge from profiles of the leading vendors targeting the SMB market, all of this to implement an effective Go-to-Market Strategy, Channel Programs, and sales approaches which will be attractive to SMBs.



Sales Leads Database Service

     Identify & Reach qualified buyers with IMEX’s Go-to-Market Channels and Sales Leads Database


Sales Leads List Rental

·         Quality Sales Leads - IMEX enjoys a broad range of industry contacts with senior positions in the industry. The IMEX Research Database consists of thousands of C level executives (CEO's, Presidents, CIOs, CTOs etc.) who are the key decision-makers in major purchasing decisions.

·      Wide or Narrow Reach - With IMEX’s List Rental Services we can custom tailor a specific email campaign ranging from a few hundred carefully targeted selected companies, or a massive email to thousands of potential customers.  IMEX’s list services are perfect for any Manufacturer, Distributor, Value-added-reseller, system integrator, who wish to get their message across.

·      IT Executives in DB Lists

Ÿ       Total List - 46,000 addresses with  Co, First, Last name, Title,  Address, Telephone, web

Ÿ       Emails List - 14,450 addresses with email plus Co, First, Last name, Title,  Address, Telephone, Web

·      Demographics

Ÿ       C level Executives (CEO, CTO, CIO, CMO, CFO…), Owners

Ÿ       Operation Level Executives & Professionals - Directors, Managers, IT Professionals


·      End Users Database IMEX has compiled a vast database of End Users by vertical industries. With our guidance you can reach any niche market segment from large fortune 1000 companies to any SMB market.


·      Competitive Pricing – For a fraction of the cost, you can enjoy the broad range of industry contacts That IMEX Research has amassed. The IMEX Research Database consists of thousands of C level executives (CEO's, Presidents, CIOs, CTOs etc.) who are the key decision-makers in major purchasing decisions.


·      Global Market Reach – IMEX’s Database reach spans globally. We network with companies from all the major regions, including North America, European Union, Asia Pacific, or Latin America. Our Comprehensive list of distributors is a indispensable asset for companies looking to extend their global reach or enter developing economies.


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