Tuesday - March 4, 2003
 Tutorials 0700-0900 Registration/Continental Breakfast
  Server Blade Tutorial
0830-1200 Organizer: Chris Hipp, Independent Consultant
Special Opening Lecture: Paul Miller, Hewlett Packard, "Blade Ecosystem Evolution"
Craig Wassenberg, RLX Technologies "Why incorporate Blade Servers into My Overall Strategies"
Markus Leberecht, Force Computers, ”Blade Components for High-Availability Systems”
John Bigelow, F5 Networks, "Best Practices Deployment with Application Traffic Management"
Rob Davis, Qlogic, "Storage Challenges for Blade Servers"
  Allen Light, Broadcom,"Challenges in Gigabit Ethernet-Based Blade Server Architectures"
1000-1030 Break
1030-1200 Server Blade Tutorial (continued)
1330-1700 Server Blade Tutorial (continued)
1500-1530 Break
Issues Roundtable   Issues Roundtable on Server Blade Management
1700-1900 Chairperson John Abott, The 451.com
Thomas Deng, OSA Technologies
Chandra Venkatraman, Raritan Computer
Vijay Manwani, BladeLogic
Mark Verdun, PlateSpin, “Server Blades: The Management Gap”
Jagadish Bandhole, Jareva Technologies, “Role of Blade Servers in Next-Gen. Data Centers”
John Pineta, IBM
Billy Cox, HP
Joseph Wei, Amphus
Doug Ingraham, Cisco Systems
Duncan Hill, Think Dynamics
Tim Howes, Opsware
Birds of a Feather    Birds-of-a-Feather Session - Server Blade Standards
1900-2100 Chairperson: Tom Burniece, IN_fusion
Stephen Hauser, Paceline Systems, “InfiniBand Is Not Just a Networking Technology”  
Greg Whelan, StarGen
Pete Holmes, Intel
Chris Eddington, Mellanox Technologies
Joaquin Ruiz, Sistina Software, “Linux:Knocking on the Door of the Data Center"
Jim Medeiros, Performance Technologies
Larry Chisvin, PLX Technology, “PCI Express”
Wednesday - March 5, 2003
Sessions 101 & 102 0700-0900 Registration/Continental Breakfast
  Session 101 – Hardware
0830-1000  Chairperson: Sudhukar Muddu, Independent Consultant
Albert Mu, Wistron, “Unite Cache, Server, Switch & Storage onto Breakthrough Blade Technology"
Mark Lee, OSA Technologies, “Blade Server Building Blocks”
Markus Leberecht, Force Computers, ”Commoditized Blade Hardware”
Kimball Brown, ServerWorks, “Blade System Architecture”
Todd Cox, HP
Edmund Ku, Amphus, "System Management Architecture for Blade Servers"
0830-1000  Session 102 – Storage Issues
0830-1000  Chairperson: Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates
Bill Huber, StoneFly Networks
Rob Davis, QLogic
Andy Hospodor, CoroSoft Inc.
Joe Gervais, Alacritech
Alan Fitzgerald, Adtron
Glen Clowney, Adaptec
Dale Eichel, StorageTek
1000-1015 Break
 Keynote 1015-1115  Keynote: Tom Bradicich, IBM   "Seven Benefits of Blade Architectures" `
Conference Chairperson/Introducer: Rick Merritt, EE Times
Industry Address 1115-1200  Special Address: Anil Vasudeva IMEX Research "Blade Servers -The State-of-the-Industry"
Conference Chairperson/Introducer: Rick Merritt, EE Times
  1200-1330  Lunch in Exhibit Hall
1200-1800  Exhibits Open
Sessions 103 & 104   Session 103 – Software
1330-1500 Chairperson: Mike Gluck, IN_fusion
Krish Ramakrishnan, Topspin Commun., “Server Virtualization - The New Data Center”
Vijay Manwani, BladeLogic, “Systems Mgmt: From Monitoring to Configuration Mgmt”
Shel Travis, MigraTec, “Migrating Applications to Linux on Blade Servers”
John Bigelow, F5 Networks, "Migrating Applications to Blade Servers"
Glint Borokas, Venturecom,"Diskless Server Blade Architectures using Microsoft Win2000, XP & .NET"
Duncan Hill, Think Dynamics, "Next Generation Data Center"
  Session 104 – Applications
1330-1500 Chairperson: Chris Hipp, Independent Consultant
Scott Ruple, Coalsere, “Performance Blades in Financial Applications”
Bruce Talley, CoroSoft, “Application Management for Enterprise Data Centers”
Kishan Jainandunsing, PFU Systems, “High Density Blade Arch for Industrial Applications”
Dave Roberts, Inkra Networks, "The New Data Center- Making Sense of Grids, Blades &  Virtual Services”
Brad Jung, Resonate "Application Performance Management for Today's Blade Technology"
  Dennis Carlson, Unisys "Slot Appliances for Enterprise Applications"
  Arun Jain, Voltaire "High End Applications on Blades - Is It Possible"
1500-1545  Coffee Break
Sessions 105 & 106   Session 105 – Security Panel
1545-1715 Chairperson:George Tyler, Coalsere
Panu Wilska, Stonesoft  
Chet Heath, Omnicluster Technologies
Brian Fraizer, V-ONE
Guang Rong, Sun Microsystems
  Session 106 – Interfaces Panel
1545-1715 Chairperson: Tom Burniece, IN_fusion
Rob Davis, QLogic (Fibre Channel)  
Greg Whelan, StarGen (StarFabric)
Kevin Deierling, Mellanox Technologies (Infiniband)
Larry Chisvin, PLX Technology (PCI Express)
Allen Light, Broadcom (PCIMG 3.1)
Workshops      Workshops  - TBD
1200-1300 Workshop A1   Managing Blades in a Heterogenous Data Center
Presenter: Lee Johns, HP
1300-1400 Workshop A2   Standard Interconnection for Server Blades (PICMG 2.16)
Organizer: Hank Heneghan, Performance Technologies
1400-1500 Workshop A3   Data Center Applications: Attack of the Killer Blades
Chairperson: John Humphreys, IDC                                 
Panelists: Michael Callahan, PolyServe
Barry Sinclair, HP
Rob Sauerwalt, IBM
Ross Schibler, Topspin Communications
1500-1600 Workshop A4.  XML Technology for Unified Services Mgmt
Presenter: Nino Vidovic, UXCOMM
1600-1700 Workshop A5   Supercomputing in Small Spaces
Presenter: Wu-chun Feng, LANL
1600-1630 Special PCI-SIG Open Sessionon PCI-X
  Dale Gulick, AMD
  Ted Willke, Intel
  Jack Regula, PLX Technology
1630-1700 Special PCI-SIG Open Session on PCI-Express
  Dale Gulick, AMD
  Ted Willke, Intel
  Jack Regula, PLX Technology
1700-1800 Beer and Pizza Shootout, Sponsor: Avocent, Hosted by Server Blade Trade Association, 451
The emerging Serverblade Marketplace "Who will be left standing in a year"
Thursday - March 6, 2003
Sessions 201 & 202 0700-1000 Registration/Continental Breakfast
  Session 201 – Implementation Issues (Performance, ROI, Strategy)
1000-1130 Chair: Mark Melenovsky, IDC
Chandra Venkatraman, Arula Systems, "Console & Remote Console Access in Server Blades"
John Mehaffey, MontaVista SW, “Issues in Implementing Linux for Blade Server Apps”
Chet Heath, OmniCluster , “Implementing Appliance Blades Throughout the Data Center”
Todd Matters, Infinicon Systems "Scaling I/O for Optimal Server Blade Configurations"
Donald Davison, Avocent Digital Desktops."Leveraging Blade Computers as Back-Racked PCs"
  Session 202 - High-Availability Systems
1000-1130 Chair: Mike Gluck, IN_fusion
Hank Heneghan, Performance Technologies, "TBD"
Bernie Wu, FalconStor Software, "TBD"
Eric Thorson, GoAhead Software,”Carrier-Grade Availability for Web Services Infrastructure"
Alan Deikman, ZNYX Networks, “IP Transparent Failover: High Availability Done Right”
David Dale, Network Appliance, “Fabric Attached Storage”
  1100-1400 Exhibits Open
1130-1300  Lunch
Session 203   Session 203 – Wrap-Up/Market Analysis - The Future of Server Blades
1300-1400 Chairperson: Jim Porter, DiskTrend  
Kimball Brown, ServerWorks
Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates
Mark Melenovsky, IDC
Anil Vasudeva, IMEX Research
John Abott, The 451.com
Open Tutorials   Special Open Tutorials
1400-1600 OT1 Hi-Perf Open Architecture for Blade-Based Carrier Applications
Organizer: Pete Holmes, Intel
Instructors: Mark Overgaard, Pigeon Point Systems, "Management Facilities for Advanced TCA"
Jim Kennedy, Intel, "ATCA Fabrics"
Alan Deikman, ZNYX Networks, "ATCA Switches"
Pete Holmes, Intel, "ATCA Form Factor and Packaging"
Mark Leberecht, Force Computers, "Advanced TCA Blades - More than Servers"
OT2 PCI-X2.0 Applications in Server Blades
Instructor: TBD, ServerWorks
Workshops   Workshops - B Series
1100-1200 Workshop B1. 10Gb/s Server/Communication Blade Standard (PICMG 3.2)
Moderator: Steve Berry, Electronic Trend Publications
Chris Eddington, Mellanox Technologies
Stu Aaron, Topspin Communications
Tom Simons, Sun Microsystems
Jim Pappas, Intel
1200-1300 Workshop B2   Future of DataCenter Computing
Bill Stout, eGenera
1300-1400 Workshop B3   Small Form Factor Disk Drives for Blade Servers
  Presenters: Linus Wong, Adaptec, "Serial Attached SCSI as a future I/O Technology"
  Mike Chenery, Fujitsu, "Small Form Factor Disk Drives"