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With IT evolving into the key strategic asset for any business's success, CIOs constantly find themselves at crossroads in deciding if and when to venture into and embrace newer internet driven technologies which carry the potential to completely change the course of their business. IoT brings such a paradigm shift wherein it integrates classical IT with Operational Technologies (OT) to bring Automation of Things or AoT©IMEX Research2016 to all processes encountered by Consumers, Enterprises and Governments alike using big data analytics deliver ultimate business value unheard of before. IoT technology has the power to transform industries, manage costs and deliver valuable business outcomes up and down the supply chain. Click here for MORE INFO.
Beyond the IoT's initial impact on consumers, like fitness wearables, IoT based solutions are being adopted rapidly for business and industrial uses - in the process reinventing such industry verticals as Manufacturing, Government/smart cities, Retail, Healthcare, transportation and others... Click here for MORE INFO.
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